Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2018 

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Get your cow on! We chose our favourite sport, touring and fashionable motorcycle jackets - all of 'em beef-y enough for a slide. Moo-ve over textile, because these leathers have the technicality and price tags to compete.
0:22 - Alpinestars Missile Tech-Air: frt9.co/y4desg
2:43 - Fieldsheer Supersport Air: frt9.co/2y9m15
4:50 - Rev'It Ignition 3: frt9.co/rhlhs4
6:38 - Black Brand Carry-On: frt9.co/hcxsqf
7:41 - Rev'It Fargo: frt9.co/pun1o0
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By Time Life Books (The Old West- "The Cowboys") [Public
domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
By Korda Alberto (Che Vuevara- "Guerrillero Heroico") [Public
domain] via Flickr.
By Yoni S.Hamenahem (Yoni S.Hamenahem) [CC BY-SA 3.0
(creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via
Wikimedia Commons.
By Lou ("Marlon Brando") .
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geoffrey genabe
geoffrey genabe Måned siden
where can i find rev'it ignition 3? it's really hard to find specially in Philippines
Bob Kelly
Bob Kelly Måned siden
if I paid $500.00 bucks for a jacket I would expect a 20 yr. old sexy model to come with it ! what's wrong with you ? no jacket is worth that much money.... hell an old surplus military jacket will do all the things you mentioned and tuck into your gauntlets too.... myself i'll just buy a jean jacket from walmart for $29.95 ! LOL....
the man with no name
The difference is that a Jean jacket won't do much when you become a meat crayon. Leather breaks down so you don't have to, a Jean jacket won't do shit for a slide. Stay safe out there
Bryan Blevins
Bryan Blevins Måned siden
This dude is smooooth!
kravanamjesecu Måned siden
71% americans...I see what you did there. 😄
Steve 2 måneder siden
do you know how much money and time I'd save if Revzilla reviewed their products like this?
thepaperboy 2 måneder siden
Man the dry delivery of the script is gold. Does Ryan write his own stuff?
Motivation Asghar
Motivation Asghar 2 måneder siden
we can make same Leather jacket as it video. we are professional manufacturer Leather jacket.you can coustmise your body if you want to this or any other jacket contact us our whatsapp and personal number is 0092340-4573076.
Roh 3 måneder siden
How does revit dynax mesh hold up in a slide and over multiple crashes
Rage 3 måneder siden
Hi Ryan, any plans to do a video on one piece leather suits some time? Keep up the good work!
Whiskey Pete
Whiskey Pete 4 måneder siden
Che Guevara? Really? That guy was a piece of trash.
JoE 420
JoE 420 4 måneder siden
Hockey puck in the conceal carry pocket.😂😂
Morgan freeman
Morgan freeman 4 måneder siden
Ah yes, 2 year depreciation prices are upon us.
Ryan Risbridger
Ryan Risbridger 4 måneder siden
How does the Revit armour compare to the D3O ghost?
Bob 5 måneder siden
Brilliant Ryan... and 71% of americans... damn that was funny!
Shigix 5 måneder siden
Dainese all the way !
video3ish 5 måneder siden
They will bury me in my Belstaff Panther. It’s expensive yet looked after it’s a life jacket
Tym O'Byrne
Tym O'Byrne 6 måneder siden
Meh, thank God i took care of my Hein Gericke V-Pilot...good vids though! Keep up the good work eh?
rizzay1 6 måneder siden
What no d-air?!?!....the best of the best and leader over all these!!!
Mike Anoneemus
Mike Anoneemus 6 måneder siden
I've put over 40,000 miles on my Fieldsheer 2 piece perforated leather jacket and pants and they have been top notch. Although heavy and maybe not the best material for the rain I feel the safest. I Treat them with Lexol once a year and they still look great. I wear an under layer in the winter that blocks the wind and keeps me warm and I wear a rain suit over them if I get caught in the rain. Nothing beats leather if you were to have a crash.
Samuel Jung
Samuel Jung 7 måneder siden
Fieldsheer just discontinued their non heated motorcycle gear... it’s so sad to see them go
Matt Perry
Matt Perry 7 måneder siden
Don´t buy leather
wilsjane 3 måneder siden
Leather is the only thing that will literally save your ass in event of a serious engine fire, 😊
Feodor Vasilev
Feodor Vasilev 7 måneder siden
Guys I can't find the Fieldsheer jacket anywhere. Can someone give a link? And no. They don't have it on Revzilla
BandomBeviews 5 måneder siden
They stopped producing all non heated motorcycle gear
Wes Treen
Wes Treen 7 måneder siden
Ryan, I know this video is for riding gear, but I couldn't find a 'comments / request segment' on on your home page to ask this..... so.... "Just a side thought here", I think 'we' would love to hear Your walk-through and / or tests, on 'First MFG' leather apparel .[ I own both the Rampage vest and the Mastermind jacket, the jacket takes the padding inserts ]. May have to wait till this Covid issue has subsided, but, it would be interesting to hear Your take on their product...... even if its not Cana'jun in origin..... ;) Also, while I am here...... Are you ever going to do a Slam review on the Yamaha XVS 950 Bolt ????,,,, I can't find one in your list. Or did I miss it ?? The reason I ask , many call it Yamaha's Harley killer. ..... I have one and it's definitely got the bills to put the 883 in its place. It would be nice for some feed back , [The Rod Serling style presentation that you do would be cool, Ha !] As for the lean angle of the Bolt ,.... I can tip it right over ~35 Degrees at 40 to 70 kph in corners and no peg scraping...... ever. Yup, I have thin chicken strips on this one. Stay Safe and Ride on. W
Steve Larson
Steve Larson 7 måneder siden
Are any REAL riding jackets pu leather compound? And are any pu leather jackets real riding jackets? Aka, is pu leather even close in even its greatest form? Sturdied up, supposedly "tough"? Or is pu an automatic down tic enough to disqualify?
Nate Sieg
Nate Sieg 7 måneder siden
Quasi comfortable looking like quasimodo😂
Dan Waters
Dan Waters 7 måneder siden
These are the most entertaining reviews and motorcycle videos...really.
Bertie Die steirische Eichel
Fantastic review
Shawnlize Leatherdale
Shawnlize Leatherdale 8 måneder siden
Zipper pulls made from leather tabs are useless crap after they get wet and just pull off . I've always made my own zipper pulls from military paracord , about 6 inches long and they can be found instantly as well as pulled wearing gloves.
RODSLINGER 8 måneder siden
Cows are a "Man Made" animal
Mr. Kohy
Mr. Kohy 9 måneder siden
Please make a tracksuite edition or at least leather trousers
Hai Nhat Phung
Hai Nhat Phung 9 måneder siden
Losing my mind here, but Ryan looks damn handsome with his baby face in armadura XD
Patrick Kealy
Patrick Kealy 9 måneder siden
I always have to wonder WHY motorbike riders wear black especially when its dark or in dimming light. One of the first things I was taught at the Motorbike Riding Safety Course was to be visible on your bike. Yet I continue to see the vast majority of rider wearing black clothing and speeding along in the number one lane. Is it a macho image looking thing???
Dman 9 måneder siden
I got a Icon Hypersport last year with all the pads included at half off on revilla because people weren’t buying in that color. You can get good gear cheap if you look around or wait a little bit.
PetrosRZ 9 måneder siden
I find it funny that most motorcyclists want to blend in with the rest and then fashion companies do full fake motorcycle jackets to be used in fashion
Rafian Noor
Rafian Noor 9 måneder siden
Hi FortNine, Dou you know what Keanu Reeves jacket on this article? bikereview.com.au/interview-keanu-reeves-and-gard-holinger-arch-motorcycles/?unapproved=49932&moderation-hash=103acd0c4b2c8735b9b7da663e219efe#comment-49932
Ruger Shooter
Ruger Shooter 10 måneder siden
Check out leatherup.com, 2 heavy leather jackets, good ventilation, 1 armored 1 padded, $179 $125 Got a mesh armored, wrecked in it, shoulder armor isn't that good for a motorcycle wreck.....its better than nothing, but straight on impacts it doesn't do much.......still have the mesh covered in blood Vents work great until yoou get behind a fairing......and to a lesser degree a windshield
gemini232003 10 måneder siden
I ride with no gloves all summer long, and no jacket unless I am cold. You're better to avoid the crash than test the jacket, and yes it can be done. All zippers should be metal on a leather, and my Harley Leather has a 5 year warranty.
Jason Shinks
Jason Shinks 10 måneder siden
...qualifies as manslaughter in Canada 😂😂😂
Something Lame
Something Lame 10 måneder siden
Anyone know where that watches name?
Cyprian Guerra
Cyprian Guerra 10 måneder siden
I got Shima Winchester and I love it. It's a little warm in the middle of the June but that's pretty much the only month I don't wear it.
Rick Alexander
Rick Alexander 10 måneder siden
Langlitz Leathers of Portland Oregon. They've been around for years. Old school tradition. I don't know if they're around anymore but I had a jacket custom made there about 25 years ago. There was a 6 month wait and they're not inexpensive. Oh, and I had pants and a vest made there as well.
the man with no name
Lewis Leathers are great too if you have the budget
trix4free 10 måneder siden
RF9 - 71% of Americans are fat Me - never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with
Michael de los Reyes
Michael de los Reyes 10 måneder siden
Questions about the viscoelastic armor, should it be saved after a crash? Can it be used in another jacket after the a crash? Or should it be dumped it at a recycling bin?
GOPAL KRISHNA 10 måneder siden
Nice video, be sure to read honest and real reviews for Two Wests & Elliott on my blog before you buy. Go to theforestreviews. com/two-wests-elliott-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Giffard
PepsiJosLouis 10 måneder siden
Why did they discontinue the Fieldsheer 😥
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar 11 måneder siden
Fuck Che Guevara. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the editor for putting a picture of him up when he put up cool people in leather jackets. Che killed thousands of innocent people. He’s a murderer not a revolutionary hero.
Aml Serioja
Aml Serioja 11 måneder siden
All right , all i need now is some money to buy me a motorcycle and some gear !
tito von erik
tito von erik 11 måneder siden
Had no idea this is from Vqncouver . Cool stuff !!
Gustavo Arreola
Gustavo Arreola 11 måneder siden
been riding most of my life and Langlitz Leather out of Portland OR is my choice. You buy it once and it last your life. If it "shrinks" you can trade it in. Each one is custom fit, no liners. If it's to cold put on a sweater. Thick, heavy and will save your skin.
Jessie DiVincenzo
Jessie DiVincenzo 11 måneder siden
geez bro, 6'3" and a 39" chest, do you even lift?
the man with no name
found the short guy
Slimfit Leatherjacket
Slimfit Leatherjacket 11 måneder siden
www.wish.com/merchant/59aef2554b913a2519f0cd00/product/5a89d83954bd092ca9c8d601 Classic Men's Flap Shoulder Designer Italian Black Boda Biker Leather Jacket. Top Quality available for Christmas and new year sale .Come on just check it out now
CE C År siden
s-p-vintage on ebay has a great selection of vintage leather motorcycle jackets! Great value and quality, sturdy jackets.
Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738
You have a fossil watch those are my favorite watches nice
DiBuff År siden
Can I wear a standard leather jacket as a motorcycle jacket? What are the disadvantages?
frank erck
frank erck År siden
Don't get shanked by your own jacket. Black Brand's design is ludicrous.
Anton G
Anton G År siden
"big hunk of Canadian firepower" 🤪🤣🤣🤣👍
hernendez sanchez
I'm not buying a jacket but found the reviews interesting and thought provoking, along with the regular fortnine high brow humour. Good content mate 👌
Valiant Biker
Valiant Biker År siden
Wholesale jackets on valiantbiker.com
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado År siden
You fucked it up placing Che Guevara there: That fucking murderer who executed anyone in Cuba who opposed communism.
Adam Barlow
Adam Barlow År siden
hey Ryan From F9, loving the channel. What do u guys think of the Shoei RYD (RF-SR)? 2nd part question, I was looking at the Furygan range (Houston Ammo 2). Furygan vs dainese who will win? Adam fae 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Noveris År siden
Am i a squid for using a 30 jacket that i some armor in it?
DarkShugo År siden
I love your videos but this one sadly needs a redo, 3 of the jackets aren't on sale anymore or closed out.
Shoguncruz År siden
Disneyland needs to hire you to do preride safety videos.
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 År siden
No, no...thank you.
rajendra gowdar
rajendra gowdar År siden
This dude is hilarious, I wonder he has some script writers.. Too good and funny and makes the point on dot.. Superb..
Will Elliott
Will Elliott År siden
Aerostich is taking orders for their new Transit 3 leathers, to start shipping in October. The waterproof leather product is different from what they used for the Transit 1 and 2. I have placed my order.
PearceC2 År siden
Dianese products still have my vote. But still good review amzn.to/2Oc4iFr
Steve Febvre
Steve Febvre År siden
Without a doubt... Rev'it clothing IS the best bang-4-buck out there! Their gear is smart looking, effective and well priced and ingeniously designed. And they seem to have a jacket for every riding style!
D D År siden
you should review the yamaha vmax
HQ Games
HQ Games År siden
This is sooo clever!
Yahya Ibrahim
Yahya Ibrahim År siden
Do the internal zippers for the Fieldshare and the Tech Air line up? If they're compatible then you could use the tech air vest inside the Fieldshare jacket and save some cash.
Filip Jovanovic
Filip Jovanovic År siden
I love the last one, but I already know my Adam's Apple wouldn't
Brown_Note År siden
I'm 6'3" as well but I can't fit in most jackets
artestichnii filin
Would klim d3o viper T5pro back protestor fit REVIT Ignition 3 jacket? If not which d3o would?
Niek Kralt
Niek Kralt År siden
Where is Dainese?😭
Alan Heath
Alan Heath År siden
I like my vintage Bultaco leather jacket white with red shoulders and the big round badge front and back.Unfortunately would be quite useless in a crash so keep for trials
Robert Peek
Robert Peek År siden
Another excellent video man ! Ciao, Robert from Central America !
Dave Em
Dave Em År siden
Can you review Richa stuff....although hard to find in the US they are available in Canada
Fernando Rivera mejia
You’ve gained a new subscriber my friend.
Willem Schellings
This man and yammi noob are a huge reason to why I started riding today 😂
Drew B
Drew B 10 måneder siden
F9 and yammie are great. I cant stand these youtubers who feel the need to show themselves weaving through traffic on the highway at 150mph. Not something a new rider should think is normal or even remotely doable for them. Yammie may have a checkered history when it comes to riding but at least he doesn't advertise it all over his channel.
Peyton Blanscet
Peyton Blanscet 11 måneder siden
I haven’t got a bike yet but F9 and Yammie are why I am and I’ll be very prepared to not be an idiot thanks to them.
MusicNTempo År siden
Willem Schellings these two guys are basically why I’m riding today 😂
Jefke Bond
Jefke Bond År siden
Is the Seeflex from Rev'it any good? Like D3O-standard? Or is it not that safe?
Abner Solano
Abner Solano År siden
Ha ha ha since God made cows! Made me lol
David Rosenblum
David Rosenblum År siden
Ryan, what sleeve length do you typically wear in a dress shirt? I'm 6' 3" like you and wear a 37" sleeve. I'm trying to get a sense of whether the jackets that appear to fit you would fit me.
RB01138 År siden
Honestly, I'd like the carryon on a dual sport trip. It's just going to get taken off when you're on the trail.
Alan Chihuaha
Alan Chihuaha År siden
This guy is such a dork.
Lau Telaumbanua
Lau Telaumbanua År siden
Rodrigue Zahr
Rodrigue Zahr År siden
You belong to Hollywood. Excellent reviews.
Tuukkis År siden
@Rodrigue Zahr Being good in your job doesn't make one a star. But still, he is the best at what he does and what he does best is really nice
Rodrigue Zahr
Rodrigue Zahr År siden
@Tuukkis Like an actor. He has the qualities of a star.
Tuukkis År siden
How does Hollywood have any relation to motorcycle gear?
Bishop År siden
Ill take the one with the skull on it that's designed not to be safe lol
Elizabeth the dood
I can finally get them other stallions to ride with me.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach År siden
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
Trade of all these
Trev S
Trev S År siden
what a unique presentation style - I found myself learning by stealth
will riseabove
will riseabove År siden
second and last jacket look amazing
Augustine Helfenberger
"If you're gonna use my ass to sell your brand, I expect to be payed $700 not the other way around"
No Limit Jayy
No Limit Jayy År siden
lmao his voice is so calm and relaxing i enjoy more what i hear than what i see
Ripcord År siden
I love alpinestars but they are some ugly suits. When are they going to make something fun and festive? like make one in Hawaiian print, or how about a one piece suit that mimics a set of Farmer's overalls with a plaid shirt underneath? For that I'd pay $1,000 and up
chenzenzo År siden
Wish you'd reviewed different styles of motorcycle jackets. These pretty much all look the same.
Critter Watene
Critter Watene År siden
Great video
jerryleethe1 År siden
Soft jacket that has some style you wear is better than the best Armor jacket that you never put on
jerryleethe1 År siden
Soft jacket that has some style you wear is better than the best Armor jacket that you never put on